Our goal is to get your shipment to you within 7 – 10 business days of receiving your order.


We can add logos to order of 250 units or more. Logo options are either pad printing or the application of high adhesive, waterproof stickers. Please CONTACT SARAH for specifics and pricing.


The Koala~Qlip Stethoscope Holder is of higher quality, durability, and functionality than most of the existing stethoscope holders on the market. Higher quality and durability comes with a slightly higher price point.  We would like for our wholesalers to maintain a retail price of $12.97 this price will allow for occasional sales and other promotions that you may want to provide to your customers. Located at the bottom of this page you will find a few of our many 5 star reviews.

Price and Minimum Orders:

The Koala~Qlip wholesale price is $5.50 per unit.

Our minimum wholesale order is $50.00 or 10 Koala~Qlip Stethoscope Holders


Although rare, even the most durable product may have a “lemon” in the group – We will provide you with either an exchange, refund or credit on your next order.


We accept PayPal and all major credit cards through our checkout process.

Special payment arrangements may be made with long standing customers.

Please CONTACT US if you have any questions.

Great Reviews on Koala~Qlips

My item came fast! And it’s so easy to use! I’m a Student Nurse and this is just what I need!



Product is just as described. Useful for heavier stethoscopes


Brittany Johnson


Just as described, clips onto your pocket and no more having to carry it around your neck. :]




I can’t love this enough.. this is really AWESOME =)



This little gem keeps my stethoscope attached to me all night long. It falls off occasionally if I bend down too far, but most of the time, it stays clipped to my side and out of the way. I attach it to my pant pocket that is closest to my waist and it stays put most of the time. A must have for HCPs!!



This clip will be a lifesaver…I love how simple yet functional this item is. It’s a must for anyone in the medical field.

Nerdy Library Girl


I’m so happy to not wear my stethoscope on my neck! Ugh that got annoying!



I LOVE THIS CLIP. It keeps my stethoscope off my neck and the plastic is easily cleaned. Great product.

Natalie Prazen


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