Sharon Zelinko, RN – Gripsors

Sharon ZelinkoSharon Zelinko is at the top of our list of Cool Nurses. Sharon an RN, mother of eight and inventor of Gripsors, developed her product in 2005 at the age of 71 after she got tired of not having a single multi-purpose tool that could be used at the bedside to grip, twist, and cut.

Gripsors are stainless steel medical bandage scissors with fine grooves and hooks that allow nurses to grip items in order to twist, insert, or extract. Sharon has expanded her design to include several different styles, including one that has a hook that can also be used as an oxygen key.

Sharon’s brother-in-law, an engineer, was able to help her put Gripsors Bandage Scissorsher idea on paper and complete all the technical drawings required for product development. With a prototype in hand, Sharon set out to find a manufacturer, but unfortunately, like many inventors, she chose the wrong manufacturer and her first inventory order arrived broken and poorly made. Although disappointed and set back from the costly mistake, Sharon did not let it stop her from pursuing her dream. Sharon found a manufacturer in Pakistan that provided her with a quality product that met her high expectations and before she knew it she was not only practicing as an RN at 71 years young but she was about to embark on the adventure of her life as a nurse entrepreneur!

Sharon has been a registered nurse for 50 + years. At the age of 80 when most have been long retired, Sharon continues to work as an RN caring for others, running her own business, traveling, and enjoying her family! As Sharon put it, “This is a mind-blowing ride and I love it!”

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