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Aromatherapy Locket

Aromatherapy Locket

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Attach Your Aromatherapy Locket to Your Badge!

The Aromatherapy Locket includes:
  • 3 Felt Discs
  • 1 Charm with the word Hope 
  • 1 Bottle of essential oil of your choice

My Own Aromatherapy is a perfect device that allows one to have a personal sensory experience!

The diffuser locket can be attached to an ID holder, necklace, or charm bracelet. The diffuser allows one to enjoy scents as they desire and remove easily at their convenience.

Great for people in the medical field or those who work in unpleasant-smelling environments AND are unable to have air fresheners at their workspace.

Also, a great gift for a frequent traveler.

To use, simply open the locket, place felt disc inside, and add 1-2 drops of our scented oils. Then close the locket and attach it to the object of choice.