The Nurse’s Story


by Carol Gino, RN, MA

Do you still feel the passion to Help? Can you still see the miracles? Or are you exhausted by Burnout? Are you suffering “Compassion Fatigue”

Here is a book that will shatter forever your casual assumptions about medicine, doctors, and especially about nurses.


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With uncompromising honesty, Carol Gino strips the TV image to reveal the gritty truths of a nurse’s life, from it’s early, optimistic beginnings to the harsh realities – and incalculable rewards – that sustain her even in the face of a nurse’s greatest professional hazard: burnout. How could she help the family of a terminally ill patient when the doctor can do nothing more? What can she do for a 10-year-old burn victim for whom most of consciousness is pain? How does she convince the doctor of her intuition that the patient cannot survive major surgery at a given time? And how can she leave all this behind at the end of her shift?

The Nurse’s Story’s is one woman’s testament of passionate commitment, a moving and important affirmation of courage, of the power of love, and of tragedy redeemed by compassion. “Few nurses have experienced the range of cases this dedicated woman describes: cancer, the burn unit, emergency ward, birth, brain damage. And she has taken extraordinary measures to help people: given medication against doctor’s orders, withheld medication when she felt a person was supposed to die, eased the sexual tension of a burn victim who’d lost his arms. The writer is a vigorous, optimistic caring woman. And she exudes frankness.”                                                                                                                                                                              -Los Angeles Times

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A Five Star Rated Book

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