Nurse Report Board


Developed by, Matthew Morin, RN (ICU Nurse) – Inventor of the IllumiVein Vein Finder

Nurse InspiredStay organized with the Nurse Report Board

Slim & Lightweight Nurse Report Board For Professional Registered, Licensed, and Student Nurses

HIPAA Compliant Privacy Cover to ensure patient sensitive information is kept hidden at all times.

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Nurse Report Board

Developed by the inventor of the IllumiVein Vein Finder

The Nurse Report Board is an advanced, stylish clipboard for Nurses and Nursing Students.

Designed by Registered Nurses, the Nurse Report Board is slim and lightweight. No need for a bulky clipboard with unnecessary storage compartments.

Ideal for change of shift report, the board will make taking report a breeze. By giving you a solid surface to write on, it will provide you with a HIPAA compliant privacy cover to hide and store patient sensitive information.

Adult Nurse Reference information is printed directly on the inside of the board for quick and easy access.

Never forget normal lab values again! Chemistry, ABG, Coags, Hematology, Electrolytes, Spanish Phrases, Rule of 9’s and More! All printed directly on the surface.

An Inside storage pocket is available to keep extra report sheets & paper on hand.

Ideal for all Nurses and Nursing Students, the Nurse Report Board is the only clipboard you will ever need!

  • High Quality Material
  • HIPAA Compliant Privacy Cover to ensure patient sensitive information is kept hidden at all times
  • Adult Nurse Reference Information and Guide to provide you with quick access to Lab Values, Rule of 9’s , Common Spanish Phrases, Measurements, and more!
  • Side Paper Storage Pocket to keep your Report Sheets always on hand
  • Easy to clean
  • Professional

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