Nurse Invented Gift Set

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Save $12 today when you purchase three of our most popular nurse invented items bundled in a pretty satin holiday bag

Nurse Invented Gift Set includes one each of:

  • Koala~Qlip Stethoscope Holder
  • Set of 30 Comprehensive Badge Reference Cards
  • Gripsors Bandage Scissors 5.5 inch with hook and gripping teeth

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Three of our most popular nurse invented products bundled in one set!

Koala~Qlip Stethoscope Holder

The Only Stethoscope Holder made with Springs for Quick and Easy Access!
More hygienic than having your stethoscope around your neck for you and your patients.
Prevents tube damage from your skin oils and hair products.
Prevents tangling in your hair.
Compliant with facilities and regulations for not wearing your stethoscope around your neck, ie: Correctional Nurses.
Frees up pocket space.
Clips on and off in seconds.
Can be clipped to belt, pants, pockets, scrub tops, bags, etc.
Can be sterilized with alcohol or bleach wipes
Boasts a double spring design that tightly attaches the Holster to your clothing and securely holds your stethoscope even during high activity
Holds your stethoscope in a variety of configurations
Fits most stethoscopes including some electronic styles
Strong and durable quality
Easy to Use
Stays in Place
Constructed of durable plastic and two stainless steel springs
Weight: 3 oz
Measures:  3.5 X 2 X 1.5

Comprehensive Badge Reference Set ~30 Cards!

  • Lab Values
    Anatomical Reference Diagram
    EKG Diagram & Ruler
    Common Healthcare Conversions
    Age Calculation Chart
    Adult Vital Signs
    Medication Math & Drip Titration Chart
    Pediatric Vital Signs and Developmental Milestones
    GCS Tool
    Hospital Report & Phonetic Alphabet
    12 Lead EKG Placement
    Wt Conversion General Chart
    Wong-Baker FACES® Pain Rating Scale w/ Spanish on back
    Dermatome Diagram
    STEMI Diagram Tool
  • Burn Classification & Parkland Formula
    BMI Chart
    Height & Time Chart
    Pregnancy “Wheel” Chart
    Wt Conversion Adult
    Wt Conversion Pedi
    Wt Conversion Neonate
    Temperature Conversion Chart
    ABA Burn Care & Referral Guidelines
    Heart Sounds Diagram
    Wallace Rule of 9’s & Palmar Method Diagram
    Lund and Browder Diagram

Durable waterproof card made of plastic
Same size as a standard badge ID card (or credit card size; 3 3/8″ by 2 1/8″)
About half the thickness of a credit card so it won’t feel bulky or weigh down your badge reel
Double sided and uses the entire printable area to maximize the total information

Gripsors Bandage Scissors with hook and gripping teeth

Fine grooves between the handles allow you to grip in order to twist, insert, or extract.  Healthcare professionals can now open pill packages without damaging the pills, twist open IV and G tubing, and easily manipulate oxygen connections.  Our newest models feature a Hook that serves as an oxygen key and can be used to slip metal rings from saline style vials while retaining our signature grooves and the ability to cut.

  • Hook was requested by operating room nurses.
  • These standard size Gripsors feature a hook for opening saline style vials.
  • Hook also serves as an OXYGEN KEY.


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Ruby Gift Bag, Forest Green Gift Bag

Badge Card Style

Horizontal, Vertical

Koala~Qlip Color

Navy Blue, White, Black, Teal, Hot Pink


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