Gripsors Bandage Scissors


Developed by, Sharon Zelinko, RN

Gripsors Bandage Scissors can grip IV tubing, G-tubes, oxygen connections, vials and much more!  Styles with a hook are great for opening saline style vials and work as an OXYGEN KEY!

The only tool you will need in your pocket!

Please note Gripsors Bandage Scissors come in 5.5 inch and 8.5 inch with hook and gripping teeth or with gripping teeth only.




Gripsors Bandage Scissors

Fine grooves between the handles allow you to grip in order to twist, insert, or extract.  Healthcare professionals can now open pill packages without damaging the pills, twist open IV and G tubing, and easily manipulate oxygen connections.  Our newest models feature a Hook that serves as an oxygen key and can be used to slip metal rings from saline style vials while retaining our signature grooves and the ability to cut.

Available in three styles:

5.5 and 8.5 inch Gripsors Bandage Scissors stainless steel with gripping teeth and Hook

  • Hook was requested by operating room nurses.
  • These standard size Gripsors feature a hook for opening saline style vials.
  • Hook also serves as an OXYGEN KEY.

5.5 and 7.25 inch Bandage Scissors stainless steel with gripping teeth

  • Military NSN No. 6515-01-551-2777
  • Number one size requested by nurses.
  • Standard size Gripsors are great for multipurpose use in the medical field.
  • Great for respiratory therapists and even veterinarians!

3.5 Gripsors Bandage Scissors stainless steel with gripping teeth

  • Military NSN No. 6515-01-551-1748
  • Small Gripsors scissors are great for neo-natal use, small pockets, pediatrics or small applications such as ports.
  • Sticks to magnetic name badges for easy access.

Read about Sharon Zelinko Here

Additional information

Weight0.4 oz
Dimensions7 × 4 × 0.3 in
Style and Size

Small 3.5 inch, Standard 5.5 inch, Standard with HOOK 5.5 inch, 7.25 inch, 8.5 inch Trauma with HOOK, Triple Set with Gripping Teeth and HOOK, Triple Set ~ No Hook


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