Batik Scrub Tops


Brand: Healthy Villages, Inc

50% of the profits from your purchase goes directly to Healthy Villages mission.

The Most Unique Batik Scrub Tops on the Market

These splendid scrub tops are the most uniquely beautiful scrubs out there!  Designed like a traditional African shirt, these tops are comfy, soft, and have lots of pockets to hold supplies.  Whether you’re a nurse, vet tech, dental hygienist, holistic healer, dog trainer, or someone who just wants a fun shirt, you’ll love these tops!

Available in unisex sizes | Not all sizes available in all colors





Batik Scrub Tops

Batik is a centuries-old craft and is done completely by hand. Therefore, the color and print of each top is slightly different. Your garment is uniquely yours! Please be aware that your top will look very similar to, but not exactly like, the batik in the photo. Slight variations in color and pattern are a natural part of the batik process. We know you’ll enjoy the special handcrafted beauty of your new top! Note that the batik process involves the use of wax and you may notice a small amount of residual wax on your garment. Simply brush it off and launder in warm water with your regular detergent.

Batik scrub tops come in seven sizes and are made for a comfortable unisex fit. Please refer to the size chart in determining what size to order.  We have five batik designs available – just click on the images to choose the one you love most.

Description: 100% medium weight cotton, pre-shrunk and color-fast. Wash with like-colors. Care instructions are on garment tag.  Each scrub top has an upper pocket and two large lower pockets. The cut is comfortable with room to layer a t-shirt underneath.

Scrubs on a Mission

These scrubs are hand-made in Ghana and support economic development and women’s empowerment in this developing country.  All the production prices are set by the workers themselves, and work is done under safe and environmentally-sound conditions.  Sales of these scrubs support the work of the non-profit, Healthy Villages, Inc., bringing sustainable health initiatives to poor villages in Ghana.  See Healthy Villages, Inc  for more information.

Healthy Villages

Residents of Dogbekope village waiting to have their teeth treated.

Photo Credits: Healthy Villages, Inc

Brand: Healthy Villages, Inc a 501 (C) 3 Non-Profit organization that is dedicated to bringing good health to people in the poor villages in Ghana.

Additional information

Batik Design

Blue Harmony Size 0, Blue Harmony Size 1, Blue Harmony Size 2, Blue Harmony Size 3, Blue Harmony Size 4, Blue Harmony Size 6, Green Elephants Size 1, Green Elephants Size 2, Green Elephants Size 3, Green Elephants Size 4, Green Elephants Size 5, Green Elephants Size 6, Earth Tones Size 0, Earth Tones Size 1, Earth Tones Size 2, Earth Tones Size 3, Earth Tones Size 4, Earth Tones Size 6, Plum Flower Size 0, Plum Flower Size 1, Plum Flower Size 2, Plum Flower Size 3, Plum Flower Size 4, Plum Flower Size 5, Royal Purple and Gold Size 0, Royal Purple and Gold Size 1, Royal Purple and Gold Size 2, Royal Purple and Gold Size 3, Royal Purple and Gold Size 4, Royal Purple and Gold Size 5, Royal Purple and Gold Size 6


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