Then an Angel Came


by Carol Gino, RN, MS


A Family’s Inspiring True Story of Loss and Renewal

A book that explores some of the most profound questions about our lives. Then An Angel Came is a book of miracles rooted in the everyday reality of all our lives, a book of extraordinary, uplifting hope for all those whose hearts are open to miracles.



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SIDS ~ Their hour of darkness…became a journey into the Light

A Family’s True Story of Loss and Renewal

It happened in a single moment. Their lives were changed. Their souls shaken. And then, when they were most vulnerable, their hearts opened to the miraculous…

Nothing in the Gino family’s past could ever have prepared them for the tragedy that would change all their lives forever.
For Carol it began with a phone call in the middle of the night; a call that brought unbearable news. Her grandchild, her daughter’s infant son, had died in his own crib of SIDS. Within hours, Carol was on a plane from California, returning home to the family who needed her more than ever.

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A Five Star Rated Book

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