Shopping for a female nurse is easy, there are lots of pretty pink and flowery products made just for her! But, it’s not always that easy to find a unique gift for your favorite male nurse? Nurse Born Products has an array of products that have been inspired by nurses and what better gift to give a nurse than something developed by a nurse!  Men love innovation and will surely be delighted to receive a gift that was developed by another nurse. Check out these cool and useful nurse invented gifts that he will be delighted to get from a Secret Santa, find in his stocking, or under the tree on Christmas morning!

The Nurse Born Stethoscope Holder:Best Gifts for Male Nurses

Proudly developed and manufactured by a nurse,  the Nurse Born Stethoscope Holder is a must have gadget for anyone that carries a stethoscope. It is the only stethoscope holder on the
market that is made with springs which make it a quick and easy alternative to draping the stethoscope around your neck. Developed with the bedside nurse in mind, this stethoscope holder can clip to any part of your uniform, tote bag or even a med cart. It keeps the weight and germs off your neck and looks great.  For an extra special gift, clip a Nurse Born Stethoscope Holder to the outside of a Christmas Stocking with a new stethoscope in it!

GripsBest gifts for male nursesors Bandage Scissors:

Gripsors are a handy tool created by a registered nurse to end the struggle with twisting and prying apart medical devices. Gripsors are super sharp bandage scissors with a blunt end to prevent injury. They have gripping teeth for twisting and turning tight IV and G-tube hubs and a hook that can be used as an oxygen key and/or for prying open things like the metal rings on saline vials. Gripsors make an awesome grab bag gift or stocking stuffer for your favorite nurse.

Badge A-Peel Badge Reels: Best gifts for male nurses

For the male nurse with style, why not give him a Badge A-Peel badge reel. These unique badge reels come with interchangeable badge buttons that attach to the reel with VELCRO. The VELCRO allows for a quick and easy change of the decorative button portion of the badge reel.  The designs are fun, colorful and best of all there is a large selection that the guys love. Badge A-Peel Badge Reels are just another brilliant idea inspired by a nurse!


Badge Reference Cards:Best gifts for male nurses

As quoted from Maureen Osuna on her blog Straight A Nursing Student , “These Badge Reference Cards Totally Rock”!  We agree! They were developed by an ER nurse who wanted to keep important information at his fingertips while at work. The cards come in a variety of sets and fit either vertical or horizontal style badges holders.  Packed with useful and important information, your favorite male nurse will love finding a set in his stocking, from a secret Santa or grab bag.


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