Meet the Winners

Flora C., RN is our April 2018 Inspire Positivity in Nursing Award Winner

Melissa W., RN  nominated Flora for our April award and we couldn’t have had more fun putting together a surprise gift box that included a few small gifts that were sponsored by Nurse Born Products and Your Nurse Connection.  Flora also received an Award Certificate and Trophy with her name engraved on it! Read below to see how Flora has inspired Melissa.

“Flora is an incredible inspiration to me. She went to nursing school as an older adult and as a second, very different career. Prior to enrolling in an ASN program, she worked in a management position at SNET (Southern New England Telephone Company) She was laid off after a 20-year career with them when the company was reorganizing. Without missing a beat, Flora then enrolled in nursing school at Naugatuck Valley Community College. She graduated at age 50. 50! Being an RN myself (and the same age as Flora) I know firsthand what a huge accomplishment nursing school is and doing it at an older age is even more challenging. She also lost her father unexpectedly while in nursing school but was able to maintain her inner strength and keep moving forward, even in the midst of a personal crisis. Flora worked really hard, particularly in the clinical skills lab. She had some tough instructors that made things a little shall we say, uncomfortable, and she rose to the occasion, excelling in the areas where she was initially criticized. Flora graduated with honors and confidence in her clinical skills. After graduation, she went on to work with disadvantaged pediatric patients/students through school nursing in an alternative school program for high school students who were removed from traditional classes due to severe behavioral problems. Many are in foster homes and come from very difficult situations She also simultaneously worked in a residential juvenile detention center, where youth who were pending sentencing for juvenile crimes lived and attended classes. Understandably, they also have extreme behavioral issues and are very challenging. Flora split her days- mornings were at the juvenile residential center and afternoons at the school. Either would be difficult but doing both every day was even more so. I admire her strength and courage. Many students are very prone to violent behavior. She has been a steady, fair, reliable force in their lives. Many have not had that, ever. in their lives, I am not sure I could have done what she has done and I am in deep admiration of her inner strength, both for changing careers and withstanding the rigors of nursing school at an older age and for her commitment to youth that so many have discarded. She truly has been an inspiration to me. She exemplifies the spirit and grit of nursing and proves that with hard work and determination and a kind soul, anything is possible! When I feel discouraged, I think of her determination and accomplishments. Nurses like her truly lift the wings of our profession.”  ~Melissa W., RN

Geoff C., LPN is our November 2017 Inspire Positivity in Nursing Award Winner

Geoff’s Nurse Manager, Nancy nominated him for November’s award and we couldn’t have had more fun putting together a surprise gift box that included a few small gifts that were sponsored by Nurse Born Products, Your Nurse Connection, My Baby’s Bottom and The Social Nurse.  Geoff also received an Award Certificate and Trophy with his name engraved on it!  He was thrilled to receive this award and plans to put it on his resume.  Geoff will finish his RN Associate’s Degree next May.

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