vein finderMy name is Matthew Morin and I am the inventor of Illumivein and an ICU nurse at a local New Jersey Hospital. I have always loved drawing blood and putting in IV lines. I believe it is a skill that needs to be mastered in my care setting. When our hospital invested in a $2,000 Vein Finder I thought it was crazy. It looked cool and projected veins on everyone, however when using it, we rarely had success. I was interested in how it works and so I went home and did some research. I came across another style vein finder- transillumination which was selling to the public at close to $300! I thought to myself, if these were more reasonable priced, I would buy one.  After doing more research design, and testing  I finally came up with the Illumivein, the first and only affordable vein finder on the market. My goal was to make it so that every nurse drawing blood or inserting IV lines can have one. Just like we have our own stethoscopes, we should have our own vein finder.

Of course, skill and technique still needs to be used when using an Illumivein. However, our goal was to give us another way to see veins. Sometimes we have these patients who have no veins left, are severely dehydrated, dark skin toned, arm precautions, or very edematous. Using the Illumivein we might be able to find a vein that was missed without it.

I have used it in my practice countless times and have become the go-to person when someone can’t get a line or blood work.

Some critics will say “I don’t need a VEIN FINDER! I have skill!” Well… I have never met a person who has never at one point or another had a hard time finding a good vein. Whether you are new to drawing blood or a complete expert, the Illumivein is an incredible tool.

I truly believe that if the Illumivein can help just one patient then it has been a success.

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