The Inspire Positivity Award

Is an award that celebrates the spread of kindness, positivity, and inspiration in the workplace.
This unique Award is presented by Nurse Born Products and Your Nurse Connection.

The ability to spread positivity and inspire others in a hectic, stressful and sometimes thankless profession is not always easy.
That is why we would like to hear your stories about nurses that have inspired you to be more positive, who have motivated kindness, and/or promote understanding of others in the workplace.

This is a Nurse to Nurse Award – You can nominate an RN, LPN, or CNA who has inspired you with the urge to be or do something positive.

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Inspire Positivity Award

We are accepting nominations for the November 2018 award ~ The winner will be announced in December 2018

Inspire Positivity Award

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Information and Guidelines

As far as we are concerned everyone who is nominated for the Inspire Positivity Award is a winner! ~However, we can only select one nominee each month to receive our honorary award.  The prizewinner will receive a small gift of appreciation and an award certificate.

Twice a year (November & April) our judges will select one of the inspiring nurses who has been nominated to receive a small prize and an Inspire Positivity Award Certificate. The winner will also get spotlighted on our websites and social media platforms.  This is a great honor that can be added to resumes and shared with employers!

The judges are Nurse Born Products and Your Nurse Connection; Nurse Entrepreneurs who have experienced the unique challenges and stresses that Nurses experience each day at work.  Read more about the Judges at the bottom of this page.

Guidelines:  Tell us how the person you are nominating inspired you to be positive, motivate and excited about your job as a Nurse, CNA, or Nursing Student.

Award winners are selected in November and April of each year.

Meet the Inspire Positivity Award Nurse Entrepreneur Judges and Contributors

Sarah Mott, RN

Sarah Mott, RN

Owner Nurse Born Products

Sarah Mott, RN is the founder of Nurse Born Products and creator of the Koala~Qlip Stethoscope Holder.  Sarah is passionate about
nurse invented products and the creativity involved in nursing.  It was after developing a chronic illness which required her to leave the bedside that Sarah began her journey into entrepreneurship and was inspired to learn more about and show the world the things that nurses are inventing.Inspire Positivity Award

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Portia aka Revlon

Portia aka Revlon

CEO and founder of Your Nurse Connection

Portia is a professional nurse with 7.5 years of experience in geriatrics, long-term care, care management and coordination of care, and etc.  She’s the CEO and founder of Your Nurse Connection which was conceived to bridge the gap between healthcare professionals and the community in which they serve through education, advocacy, empowerment, and support. Inspire Positivity Award

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