The story behind S’nough Stick, a new product for smelly situations!

S’nough Stick was not developed by a nurse, but we thought this product was so cool and useful that we had to add it toEscape Smelly Situations our website, Nurse Born Products! We all know that nurses and other healthcare providers are constantly faced with smelly situations, many times we have to pretend that it doesn’t smell in order to preserve the patient’s dignity. We don’t always have vapor rub to apply under our nose and besides, that stuff is so messy, and greasy and the strong medicinal scent makes our nose run. S’nough Stick comes in several pleasant scents, it doesn’t make our nose run, and it isn’t messy or greasy.  S’nough Stick comes in a small tube that you can slip in your pocket. It is the perfect alternative to messy vapor goop under your nose.

Founder, Suzanne Tanguay an accidental inventor did not set out to develop a product, but as it goes for many inventors, Suzanne ran into a problem that did not have a good solution so she created one.

Suzanne’s inspiration came during a long airplane flight in which she was seated across from a gentleman who had backpacked his way across America.  It was apparent that during this young travelers adventures he did not have the opportunity to shower or use deodorant. Faced with the thought of smelling this young man for the next 5 hours, Suzanne got up from her seat and walked back to discreetly ask the flight attendant if there was a possibility she could switch to another seat on the plane. The plane was full and there was not another seat available, but the flight attendant was able to offer something to lessen the pain of breathing in a foul odor for the duration of the flight: A paper cup with an open filter of fresh coffee grounds! At first, Suzanne was skeptical when the flight attendant advised her to breathe into the cup every few minutes, but within seconds she found that inhaling the coffee grounds worked. Before long, she was sharing the cup of coffee grounds with the passenger sitting directly beside her.

Apply under the nose for smelly situations

Just a swipe will do the trick!

This experience led Suzanne to wonder if there was an easier and less obvious way to deal with being trapped in an area full of foul odor. She envisioned a wax-based product which would contain a pleasant coffee or peppermint scent that could easily be taken out of your pocket and applied under the nose as needed. She began to research and found that there was not a product on the market that solved this problem. She contacted a friend who was a chemist and together they created the perfect formula needed to create S’nough Stick. Once created, S’nough Stick was tested in smelly subways, on airplanes, and in hospitals. Suzanne received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the testers and found that nurses especially loved S’nough Stick.

Thanks to Suzanne and her innovative thinking, a problem has been solved. Now there is a product that we can discreetly apply under our nose and no one needs to know that their breath, or their wound or that their poop smells! 

Hospital workers love S’nough, it is also great for homecare, traveling, and many other smelly situations. Let us know in the comments below about a time that you wished you had relief from a smelly situation.

Escape bad odors today!

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