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Scrubs, Shoes, Stethoscopes, Nursing School Books, Nursing School Supplies, Tools, and anything else you might have that would be useful to Nurses and other healthcare professionals.  We also will list items useful to Veterinarians.

1.  Submit a good quality photo of your item – you may submit up to three photos of each item.  Images of items being used are great.

  • images should be 650 X 650 pixels
  • jpeg and png files accepted
  • Submit clean image photos that don’t have a lot of distraction in the background

2.  Information to include with your image:

  • Name of product
  • Description: size, color, brand, etc
  • Is the item New or Used?
  • Is it in the original packaging
  • Price (remember people shopping in the thrift store are looking for deals)
  • Weight of product
  • Type of envelope or box you plan to use for shipping
  • Size of envelope or box you plan to use for shipping

3.  When your item sells we will notify you via email

  • Provide the email address that you want us to use to notify you when your item sells.
  • We will send the email with a request for a read receipt, that way we will know that you are aware that your item sold and it’s time to ship it.
  • When you list an item with Nurse Born, please check your email daily
  • If you are going on vacation, let us know and we will put your listing on hold until you get back.

4.  Shipping

  • When your item sells we will send you a pre-paid postage stamp with an invoice for your customer.  The postage we provide will be based on the weight and mailer size you provide to Nurse Born.
  • Print the postage, tape it to the package, insert the packing slip into the package and drop off at the post office or place in your mailbox for pickup.
  • Most shipments will ship through the USPS First Class Mail or Priority Mail.  For very large or heavy packages, we will use UPS.
  • It’s expected that your item will ship within One to Three days from the date in which you receive your order.

5.  Fees ~ are straightforward and there aren’t any hidden fees

  • Sales under $15:  Nurse Born’s commission is a flat fee of $2.95
  • Sales $15 or more: Nurse Born’s Commission is 20% (You keep 80%)

6. Payments

  • We will send payments via Nurse Born PayPal account
  • Payments are sent on the Tuesday following the day your item is shipped

7.  Marketing

  • We will share your item on our social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin)
  • Your item will be included in our email newsletter
  • A Thrift Shop tab is located on our main page

8.  What you can do

  • It is important that you also share your item on your social media with a link to your listing.

8. We maintain the right to remove a listing or ban a seller from listing an item with Nurse Born

  • Sellers who list damaged or who misrepresent the item they are selling will be removed from Nurse Born Products platform and prohibited from listing future items.

Please contact Sarah and let her know if you have something to sell

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