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Nurse Owned Businesses & Blogs that you will be sure to love.Nurse Owned Businesses & Blogs

The Nurse Teacher
Great blog where you will find fun stuff, book reviews, giveaways, learning tools, latest technology, a special section for student nurses, patient information and more!

The Nerdy Nurse
Brittney Wilson, BSN, RN, also known as The Nerdy Nurse, is a highly influential social media personality. Brittney is the author of The Nerdy Nurse’s Guide to Technology and she blogs about nursing, technology, healthcare, parenting, and various lifestyle topics.

Confident Voices in Healthcare
Confident Voices in Healthcare Blog is dedicated to collaborating for safer, kinder, and more cost-effective care and building bridges between nurses, consumers, physicians and other healthcare workers.

The Nursing Site Blog
Meet Kathy Quan and read about a variety of nursing interests.

Zest and Harmony Counseling
Zest and Harmony Counseling blog is focused on tips and recipes for Busy Professional, On The Go Women who want to feel Healthy, Happy and at Ease in All Areas of their Life.

Exceptional Nurses
A blog about nurses and nursing students with disabilities – Exceptional Nurse is a must read blog, check it out.

The Nursing Show
The Nursing Show, a weekly program for nurses, by nurses with news, commentary, tips and education.

Maureen Powers
Maureen’s blog focuses on her life, development, and dealing with PTSD.

Nursing From Within
Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN blogs over at Nursing from Within where she writes about the inner shifts and practical techniques nurses can use to more thoroughly enjoy their nursing careers.

RT Connections Nurse Blog
A blog for current and future nurses. Renee Thompson writes content about nurse bullying and offers success tips.

Nurse Gail is the first health and wellness website authored solely by nurses.
A platform for nurses to reach a broad audience with evidence-based health information. The website showcases the knowledge, experience, and education of individual nurses while giving the profession a voice in the growing e-health conversation.

Mighty Nurse Megan
Mighty Nurse Megan is a student nurse blogger who is finishing her last year in a BSN program. Follow along as Megan shares her journey into the RN world.

Guerrilla Nurse
Check out Nurse Advocate Melissa Brown’s blog.Nurse Owned Businesses & Blogs

Yoga Nurse
Annette Tersigni is the Yoga Nurse Yoga Nursing® offers a new nursing theory, care plan and continuing education- uniting the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga with the Science of Modern Nursing.

Nursing Entrepreneurs
A networking and resource directory for Nurse-Owned businesses and nurses looking for an alternative to working at the bedside. Start here on your road towards nurse entrepreneurship.

The Official Nursing Success College Site
Providing the strategies and keys to be a successful future, student and professional Nurse! Also, where you can get 18-inch nurse dolls with books and DVD.

The Bossy Nurse
The website for Nurse Entrepreneurs. Learn the steps you need to get your nurse-owned business off the ground!

Nurse Code
By Beth Hawkes… Nurses, whatever you think or feel…trust me, you are not alone.

Healthy Nurse by Design
Lisbeth is a Nurse who helps nurses who are seeking a better way to work and live.

Martine Ehrenclou
Read about healthcare, advocacy, and empowerment.

Show Me Your Stethoscope
An organization of nurses and other healthcare providers that wish to unify their voices.

Your Heart Is Mine
Kelsey Rowell, RN is a passionate nurse and blogger.  She writes about her past and present experiences in nursing.  Kelsey is a fun loving, compassionate and quirky nurse.

The Hopeful Healer

Carol Gino has been a Nurse for over 30 years and a Writer since 1980… 8 books later and 2 in the works, Carol loves to share her passion for writing and nursing, from self-publishing to storytelling in a way that protects even while revealing truth.

RN/FM Radio

We know that many nurses are waking up to the fact that healthcare is changing along with the world at large. And as the world changes, nursing needs to keep pace as our industry simultaneously flexes its muscle of transformation. RN FM Radio is the platform that brings you the highlights of this paradigm shift, and provides insightful content on how to evolve as a nurse.

Scrub-ed Blog

Sam Akers, RN is the owner of Scrub-ed, a fun and informative blog for pre-nursing students, nursing students, LPNs, RNs, CNAs, everyone in the healthcare field, or anyone who is interested in the healthcare field. Sam loves to learn from her peers as well as walk along with those just starting out.  Her blog has lots of information and guidance for those that are just starting their path. Please check out her blog and make some new friends!

The Student Nurse Tutor

If you are a student nurse and you are looking for some extra help, visit Thelma Stitch, Nurse Educator for tutoring at, The Student Nurse Tutor website. Thelma will share her knowledge, clinical experience, love and passion for nursing merged with her love of providing nursing education with student nurses in a non-threatening setting.

SensiCare for Alzheimer/Dementia/Autism

Erika Harvey, RN and CEO/Founder of Mendux, Inc. specializes in SensiCare a medical device that empowers caregivers to be proactive in preventing people suffering from Alzheimer/Dementia from wandering through the use of biosensors, predictive analytics and real time indoor location tracking. For Information about their pilot program please follow the link

The Nurse Keith Show

Check out Nurse Keith for Holistic Career Coaching at

Your Nurse Connection

Your Nurse Connection Mission Statement: “Connecting the community and healthcare through proper education and coordination of care.” Our goal is to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and the community in which they serve.”





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