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I have put this poor thing through many rigorous tests and I have to admit, I fell in love with this stethoscope holder.

Your Heart Is Mine

Kelsey gives a fun and glowing review of Oxygen for Nurses. You will want some.

The Balanced Nurse

An interview with Sarah Mott the creator of the Nurse Born Stethoscope Holder.

The Modern Nurse

…unique, affordable, and most of all useful gift for a handful of old nursing friends…

Confident Voices

New Nurse Born Product Entrepreneur Shares her Story

Digital Doorway by Nurse Keith

“Having developed neck pain, Sarah decided to create a product that would allow her to conveniently carry her stethoscope at her side without keeping it around her injured neck.”

Nurse Entrepreneurs Put Problem-solving Skills to Work

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for Nurses

Nurse Eye Roll

“I haven’t gone a shift without it.”

Erica MacDonald

Sarah Mott, RN, Designer and Founder of Nurse Born Products is a nurse entrepreneur and inventor who has launched The Nurse Born Marketplace. This marketplace serves as a central hub for nurses to sell their inventions. Sarah recently won the American Small Business Championship from SCORE.

One Love For Nurses

Nurse Born Stethoscope Holster, which provides freedom from neck strain and discomfort while keeping this valuable piece of nursing equipment at your side.

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