UltraScope Stethoscopes are the best for listening to heart sounds!

Flower Power UltraScope heart soundsWhy is the UltraScope Stethoscope the best choice for listening to heart sounds?  Well, I like to say it is because UltraScopes were designed by an ER Nurse in 1987 ~ and who knows better than a nurse what works and what doesn’t work in a clinical setting?  The nurse who developed the UltraScope, wanted a stethoscope that would block out the ambient sounds that are common in a busy ER so that a patient’s heart sounds could be heard more clearly. “Lub dub”

The head of most stethoscope brands is made from an alloy material that absorbs outside sounds. What makes the UltraScope Stethoscope different is that the head is made from a shatterproof acrylic material that absorbs less ambient noise, allowing the user to hear heart sounds, as well as lung and bowel sounds more clearly. The innovative dome-shaped head provides additional sound-isolating qualities to the design.  When using your UltraScope in an exceptionally loud environment, you can cover the dome-shaped head with your hand and apply pressure with your palm, this technique will help you isolate the sounds that you want to hear and block out any ambient noise.

heart soundsHave you ever tried to listen to your patient’s heart or lung sounds through their clothing or a thick bandage, only to hear distorted sounds caused by the material between your stethoscope and the patient’s skin?  One of my favorite qualities of the UltraScope is that you can hear through clothing, bandages and even fur – which is great for use on those hairy patients that veterinarians care for.

Each Stethoscope is Hand-painted!

As if the UltraScope Stethoscope couldn’t get any more special! – It’s so pretty! This quality cardiology tool is not only functional and essential each on e is unique and beautiful.  Each UltraScope Stethoscope is hand-painted with beautiful designs that are magnified under the clear, dome of the sound-isolating acrylic head. Also, you can pick just about any tubing color to match the design that you choose. A great way to add a little personality to your drab navy blue scrubs! With a lifetime warranty you make a great investment in quality, function, and beauty.

You might ask, “why would I need a pretty stethoscope to listen to my patient’s heart sounds?” #heartsounds Click To Tweet

Patient’s Love the fun designs

The fun animal designs are great for distracting pediatric patients while you take their vital signs. Spark a conversation with an anxious patient, brighten an elderly patient’s day with a smiley face design, and show off your individuality and love for animals, sports or the outdoors with your customized stethoscope.

hear sounds

Once you try an UltraScope you will not go back to other brands.  User’s consistently say that it is the best stethoscope for listening to hard to hear heart sounds, picking up lung sounds and detecting distant bowel sounds.

Tips and Tricks:

Hold your UltraScope head between your thumb and middle finger and apply or release pressure using your index finger of the same hand.

To hear low-frequency heart sounds use light pressure. For high-frequency lung sounds, increase the pressure. A medium amount of pressure is good for taking vital signs and listening to bowel sounds. For extremely loud environments, cover the head with your hand and apply pressure with your palm.

Nurse Born Product Reviews

Build your own personalized Ultrascope check out all the head selections Nurse Born offers, if you don’t find what you are looking for let us know and we will see if we can find the one you need.

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