Best Heating Pads Are Made From Cherry PitsThe best heating pads are made from Cherry Pits!

Over the past few years, we have been hearing about various studies, including the one at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore; that when ingested, tart cherries have amazing anti-inflammatory effects on the body. However, did you know that cherry pits also have amazing healing qualities when used as heat therapy? Europeans have known that cherry pits make the best heating pads and they have used them as a therapeutic modality for centuries.

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That’s right; I am talking about the actual PIT of the cherry! I promise that the cherry pits used in our heat therapy have not come from a Cherry Pit Spit Competition – they have never been in anyone’s mouth! The Cherry Pits that we use in our Cherry Tree Heating Pads are high quality, clean and sanitized. Our pits are supplied exclusively by American orchard growers, more specifically, from Washington State, where it is known for its beautiful cherry trees.

Europeans have known for centuries that Cherry Pits make the best heating pads

Distillery workers in Switzerland would warm sacks filled with cherry pits on top of the factory stoves and at the end of the day apply them to their sore muscles getting amazing therapeutic relief from the little wooden pits. The women would heat the cherry pits during the day and then place them under their blankets to warm their beds on cold nights.

Cherry Pits make the best heating pads because:Best heating pads are made from Cherry Pits!

  • Cherry Pits are tiny bits of hardwood that when dried trap a small bubble of air at its core. This unique makeup is what provides the cherry pit with exceptional thermal properties.
  • They are clean, sanitized, and natural with no added chemicals or scents.
  • The wooden pits provide deep penetrating moist heat; they conform to the body providing hours of relief in hard to penetrate areas.
  • They are non-electric, easily portable – you can take one to work and use it during your break or heat it in the microwave before leaving to help you stay warm while walking outside into the cold and to soothe and relax sore, overworked muscles while driving home.
  • Cherry Pits will not go rancid and attract pest like corn, rice, or barley filled products.
  • Washable, they can be thrown into the washer and dryer.
  • Cherry Pit heating pads work well for cold and/or heat therapy.

We guarantee that you will also think that heating pads made from cherry pits are the best! Check out Cherry Pits Heating Pads Here.

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