Welcome to Nurse Born Products

Welcome to Nurse Born Products! We are a small shop that sells products developed by nurses and quality diagnostic equipment that help make your job easier.

The founder of Nurse Born Products, Sarah Mott, RN couldn't find an adequate alternative to carrying her stethoscope around her neck. Sarah visualized and wished someone would invent a stethoscope holder designed with springs that would easily attach to the waistband of her scrubs and allow for easy placement, and quick retrieval of her stethoscope. After Sarah suffered from an injury that disabled her from working as a nurse she grieved the loss of the career she loved and she missed working with other health care professionals. Then, one day, Sarah remembered her idea for a stethoscope holder and began constructing a prototype out of things she found around the house. The style of Sarah's stethoscope holder reminded her of the way a Koala grabs a Eucalyptus tree, and that is why it was named the Koala~Qlip Stethoscope Holder.Currently the Koala~Qlip is in stores across the USA and Canada. 

While learning how to develop her own product, Sarah began meeting other nurse inventors. She was impressed by the creative solutions they were coming up with and decided to create a platform in which she could highlight the amazing products nurses were developing, Nurse Born Products seemed like the perfect name! Nurse Born Products has expanded and now carries many nurse invented products. as well Prestige Medical equipment, UltraScopes (which were developed by an ER nurse). We are always adding new products.

Our Mission is to keep our store small for ease of shopping, to carry only quality products that we love, and provide the best, personalized customer care. 

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