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UltraScope Stethoscope Gift Set

$111.95 $105.99

Beautiful UltraScope® Stethoscope Gift Set

Great gift idea for anyone in the healthcare field!

The UltraScope® Stethoscope Gift Set includes:

  • (1) Single UltraScope® Stethoscope,
  • (1) Nurse Born Stethoscope Holder &
  • (1) Stethoscope Charm**

Choose your favorite designs and colors!

*Colors may vary slightly depending on the settings on your computer





Product Description

UltraScope® Single Stethoscope Gift Set

Read more about UltraScope® Stethoscopes Here

Makes hard to hear cardiac and lung sounds easy to assess even in noisy environment – Great for practitioners who are hard of hearing

*Stethoscopes may ship separately from other products this will not affect your shipping cost or shipping time

Tubing Colors



Additional Information


TD Brights on Pink, TD Blues on Purples, TD Darks on Hot PInk, TD Midtone Blues, TD Jewels on Pearl, BW Red, BW Silver, BW Light Blue, BW Hot Pink, BW Teal, BW Royal Blue, FP Hot Pink, FP Light Green, FP Navy Blue, HG Hot Pink, HG Light Green, HG Navy Blue, HG Teal, HG Red, HG Orange, Kitty Hot Pink, Kitty Green, Kitty Royal Blue, Kitty Yellow, Kitty Light Blue, Kitty Light Pink, Kitty Orange, Owl Light Blue, Owl Light Green, Owl Hot Pink, BP Hot Pink, BP Purple, BP Orange, BP Royal Blue, BP Light Green, BP Light Blue, BP Burgundy, BP Yellow, BP Silver

Tubing Color

Black, Burgundy, Green, Hot Pink, Lavender, Light Green, Light Pink, Navy Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Teal, Yellow

Head Size

Adult, Pediatric

Nurse Born Stethoscope Holder

White, Hot Pink, Navy Blue


Fuchsia, Green, Lavender, Yellow, Royal Blue, Iridescent, Red, Plum, Gold, Tangerine, Aquamarine, White, Lemon Grass, Midnight, CNA, LPN, MA, RN, NP, MD


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