The Problem with My Stethoscope

I still remember my first stethoscope a Littmann – Classic III with pretty Caribbean Blue tubing.  It was the first nursing tool that I bought after getting accepted into nursing school and I couldn’t wait to learn how to use it.  I look back at how I used to...

My Baby’s Bottom Skin Care

Baby’s bottom is a delicate area that often gets irritated from diaper rash other bacterial infections.  Finding a safe and natural product can be daunting.  Store shelves are stocked high with all kinds of baby’s bottom skin care; creams, salves and...

Escape Smelly Situations

The story behind S’nough Stick, a new product for smelly situations! S’nough Stick was not developed by a nurse, but we thought this product was so cool and useful that we had to add it to our website, Nurse Born Products! We all know that nurses and other...

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