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We carry an array of products for nurses, about nurses, from nurses.  You can read about The Nurse Behind the Product on our blog.  Nurse Born Products started with the The Original Nurse Born Stethoscope Holder an important little clip for your stethoscope now called The Koala~Qlip helps take the weight off your neck with a koala-like grip.  From there it became our mission to find awesome, unique, quality made products inspired by or invented by nurses.  Here at Nurse Born Products we want to motivate and empower nurse entrepreneurs to achieve their own personal and professional growth.
We believe in helping each other succeed. Contact us with your invention.

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Reviews About Nurse Born Products

I just got the package today! I am SO excited to review this! It’s absolutely ADORABLE! And literally made my day! Was not expecting something this cute and fun! The box smelled so good before I opened it!


RN, Your Heart Is Mine

Great Product, no more neck pain from hanging stethoscope!  AAA+++


Your Nurse Born cherry pit hot pack is perfect for my Lyme occipital/neck pain!


I can hear so much better with this UltraScope stethoscope!! I am hanging it from my scrub top with your holder & not around my neck anymore~ YAY!!!  Thank you!!!


I bought this as part of a residency care package and my friend loves it!


Used my Nurse Born Stethoscope Holder for the first time today and LOVED IT!

Nurse Eye Roll

Nurse Born Blog: The nurses behind the products!

Scrubs On a Mission – Batiks for Life

Scrubs on a Mission, Batiks for Life Scrubs on a Mission - We love products that are different, that have a story behind them and support a good cause, that is why we were incredibly excited to team up with Sara Corry, Co-Director of Healthy Villages, Inc., a...

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The Problem with My Stethoscope

Sixteen years later, my cherished, Caribbean Blue Littmann is gone. I have owned and lost several stethoscopes; some accidently “stolen” by the doctors, others lost. Currently, I have a few different colors, brands and models, because even after all these years I still love my stethoscope and sometimes I see a new one that I just can’t resist. Kind of like the fashionista when she sees a purse. But even with all the love, something has changed…….

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Nurse Invented Gifts Male Nurses Will Love

Shopping for a female nurse is easy, there are lots of pretty pink and flowery products made just for her! But, it's not always that easy to find a unique gift for your favorite male nurse? Nurse Born Products has an array of products that have been inspired by nurses...

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My Baby’s Bottom Skin Care

Baby's bottom is a delicate area that often gets irritated from diaper rash other bacterial infections.  Finding a safe and natural product can be daunting.  Store shelves are stocked high with all kinds of baby's bottom skin care; creams, salves and diaper rash...

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